Sunday, June 12, 2011

Return With Honor

As a mormon you often hear the phrase "Return with Honor", thats exactly what i hope my sister does. She left just a couple of days ago to start the journey of the best year and a half ofher life. She is going to Pocatello, Idaho to serve a mission. Even though it was hard to say goodbye, I know it was her time to go. This is exactly what she needed to happen in her life. She will be a great missionary and an even better sister when she returns home. Im going to miss her and our complete randomness. Good luck SEEEESTER!

Sweet Summer Time

As everyone knows, school has come to an end. This only means that summer is finally upon us. Thank goodness! Along with summer comes a lot of free time and nothing to do, especially here in Texas. Its pretty much deathly hot here in the summer, which leaves us the only option of going to the lake. The lake is where i spend most of my free time bonding with my girls. We thankfully just found this free lake not too far from us which was Amazing untilwe found out it really wasnt free. Apparently they are now charging three dollars a car but thats not too bad for awhole day of entertainment. And with each time of going we are becoming more and more prepared. We are going to be pro lakers here pretty soon with umbrellas, music, food that actually stays cold, and having fun without leaving looking like lobsters. Pretty much, im loving summer 2011 with my girls! :)