Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Provo Party!


There really is nothing better than a weekend get away with all of my favorite girls. I gotta say, what says weekend get away better than the temple, black men, Halloween, and dance parties? It really 
doesn't get any better than that. This weekend may 

 have been a little bit crazy but it is definitely one that I am going to remember. Back in my Provo days I was a dance party fool. I loved everything dance party and all the craziness that came with it. I literally spent every weekend at a dance party with my friend Kelsey and really nothing good ever came from it. The sad part is that I really didn't recognize that until I moved away from that whole party scene. Since then I really  didnt have any desire to ever go back to another one but little Samantha was dying to go and I promised her I would take her to at least one. So, on Halloween weekend I did my best to find the best gosh darn dance party in the area. Little did I know that it was going to be in a parking garage without any air flow at all. It was hotter than Satan's balls down there! The dance party was pretty much a bust, but we did meet some sweet new people!
This kid is...uhh..Ill be honest, I definitely dont remember any of their names. I really am bad with names especially when it comes to random boys that I will never really see again. But this kids costume was definitely on point. The tinder costume is by far one of the most creative ones I have seen yet. The dude definitely managed to leave that party with a million numbers. The only bad part about the costume is that the box only opened up on one side so there was only one way in and one way out. So, when I went to go take the picture I got caught between him and the side of the box and I really didnt know how to get out. I was kinda stuck and I think hes was alright just walking around with me because he wasn't really giving me the option to leave the box. I finally just slid out through the bottom because I wanted out of that thing! Then there are our black friends Jamal and Jamarcus, hah just kidding I definitely dont remember their names. They were some drunk kids who asked if they could be in our pictures. Hahaha we decided we would let them so it looked like we had some friends in our pictures. It was a crazy night with my favorite crazy girls. Then of course, after all that

 crazy, a girls got to make her way to the temple. I dont think that we could have picked a prettier day to go and I dont think I could have gone with better people. It was Samanthas first time at the SLC temple and of course Tyler and Jayden are just funny kids to travel anywhere with. The place was beautiful and it was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hot boys, Dew pong, and Easter!

Let me just tell you how much I absolutely love Easter! Especially this past Easter since it was also conference Sunday. The thing about holidays and college though is that a lot of family traditions seem to die. People kind of stop celebrating all these little holidays such as Easter. It is kind of, we decided to keep the traditions alive. The day before Easter my sisters and I had a girls day and went and bought things to dye our very own Easter eggs. We also had egg fights and played Easter egg pong with cups of Mountain Dew. Taylor baby was honored enough to come and party with us girls, and Trenton of course. Taylor was my calc tutor my first semester of college and we kind of really hit it off. I believe that the first time we met he asked me why I chose him to be my tutor and I straight up told him that I had facebooked stalked all the tutors and he just happened to be the most attractive one. I must say, probably one of the best choices I have made in college. Although Taylor was my tutor, we actually never did any math together. I mean, I did have a 97 in the class and so a tutor was kind of pointless, but our hour talks each week made everything worth it. We have become pretty great friends and he gives me some real competition in all of my classes. But, we all know who is smarter ;) Anyway, during our machine design class together this past semester, Taylor literally asked me to marry him like 5 times as a joke...I think..he does say I am beautiful a lot. So when we both went to dye our eggs, we both looked up about the same time and said you cant read it, its a secret message! When they were both ready he pulled his out to show me and the back side of it said E=mc^2, and all I could think was wow, what a nerd. Then i showed him mine and it said will you marry me? He then started laughing and flipped his over where it said I <3 Corianne. Hahaha we laughed pretty hard about it. Hey, it would have been pretty cute if it were real. Shoot. I am gonna miss this boy this summer.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Festival of Colors! Wanna taste the rainbow ;)

A few weeks ago we decided to make our way up to Utah to make some dreams come true and party with random strangers. The festival of colors is a Holi spring celebration of love, frolic, and colors. To say the least, it is one weird fetching celebration where they make bank off of a bunch of Mormon kids. I must say though, its definitely not something that you see everyday.The whole thing is about embracing and accepting yourself.  The celebration begins by chanting a prayer and then we are asked to hug 3 new people. You know, that would be alright with me if I wasn't surrounded by a bunch of creepy old men. Where are all the hot men when you need them!? Then we have a little countdown and then throw our all natural flour colors in the air unanimously. It was strange..but it definitely made for some real sweet pictures. 

So funny story, as we were leaving this things, Berk and I ran into three really beautiful men whose shirts said free hugs all over them. Yup, I definitely took advantage of those shirts. Where were these men when I was forced to hug a bunch of weirdos?? I mean shoot, lets skip the hugging part because wouldn't you want to taste this rainbow?


Sunday, September 29, 2013


Growing up I always thought it would be really cool to have a penpal that lived somewhere else. Little did I know that I was actually going to end up having one of my own. 4 years ago, my mom was able to get into contact with one of her old college roommates who happened to have a son my age. Then being the parents they are, the made us add each other on Facebook and the rest is history. So for the past 4 years Richie and I have been skyping, texting, and face-booking, now here we are in Rexburg, Idaho meeting for the very first time. Although I had a little mini heart-attack when we first ran into each other, he is one of my very best friends here. I'm glad the 2 of us finally got to meet!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Return With Honor

As a mormon you often hear the phrase "Return with Honor", thats exactly what i hope my sister does. She left just a couple of days ago to start the journey of the best year and a half ofher life. She is going to Pocatello, Idaho to serve a mission. Even though it was hard to say goodbye, I know it was her time to go. This is exactly what she needed to happen in her life. She will be a great missionary and an even better sister when she returns home. Im going to miss her and our complete randomness. Good luck SEEEESTER!

Sweet Summer Time

As everyone knows, school has come to an end. This only means that summer is finally upon us. Thank goodness! Along with summer comes a lot of free time and nothing to do, especially here in Texas. Its pretty much deathly hot here in the summer, which leaves us the only option of going to the lake. The lake is where i spend most of my free time bonding with my girls. We thankfully just found this free lake not too far from us which was Amazing untilwe found out it really wasnt free. Apparently they are now charging three dollars a car but thats not too bad for awhole day of entertainment. And with each time of going we are becoming more and more prepared. We are going to be pro lakers here pretty soon with umbrellas, music, food that actually stays cold, and having fun without leaving looking like lobsters. Pretty much, im loving summer 2011 with my girls! :)