Monday, April 20, 2015

Festival of Colors! Wanna taste the rainbow ;)

A few weeks ago we decided to make our way up to Utah to make some dreams come true and party with random strangers. The festival of colors is a Holi spring celebration of love, frolic, and colors. To say the least, it is one weird fetching celebration where they make bank off of a bunch of Mormon kids. I must say though, its definitely not something that you see everyday.The whole thing is about embracing and accepting yourself.  The celebration begins by chanting a prayer and then we are asked to hug 3 new people. You know, that would be alright with me if I wasn't surrounded by a bunch of creepy old men. Where are all the hot men when you need them!? Then we have a little countdown and then throw our all natural flour colors in the air unanimously. It was strange..but it definitely made for some real sweet pictures. 

So funny story, as we were leaving this things, Berk and I ran into three really beautiful men whose shirts said free hugs all over them. Yup, I definitely took advantage of those shirts. Where were these men when I was forced to hug a bunch of weirdos?? I mean shoot, lets skip the hugging part because wouldn't you want to taste this rainbow?


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