Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hot boys, Dew pong, and Easter!

Let me just tell you how much I absolutely love Easter! Especially this past Easter since it was also conference Sunday. The thing about holidays and college though is that a lot of family traditions seem to die. People kind of stop celebrating all these little holidays such as Easter. It is kind of sad...so, we decided to keep the traditions alive. The day before Easter my sisters and I had a girls day and went and bought things to dye our very own Easter eggs. We also had egg fights and played Easter egg pong with cups of Mountain Dew. Taylor baby was honored enough to come and party with us girls, and Trenton of course. Taylor was my calc tutor my first semester of college and we kind of really hit it off. I believe that the first time we met he asked me why I chose him to be my tutor and I straight up told him that I had facebooked stalked all the tutors and he just happened to be the most attractive one. I must say, probably one of the best choices I have made in college. Although Taylor was my tutor, we actually never did any math together. I mean, I did have a 97 in the class and so a tutor was kind of pointless, but our hour talks each week made everything worth it. We have become pretty great friends and he gives me some real competition in all of my classes. But, we all know who is smarter ;) Anyway, during our machine design class together this past semester, Taylor literally asked me to marry him like 5 times as a joke...I think..he does say I am beautiful a lot. So when we both went to dye our eggs, we both looked up about the same time and said you cant read it, its a secret message! When they were both ready he pulled his out to show me and the back side of it said E=mc^2, and all I could think was wow, what a nerd. Then i showed him mine and it said will you marry me? He then started laughing and flipped his over where it said I <3 Corianne. Hahaha we laughed pretty hard about it. Hey, it would have been pretty cute if it were real. Shoot. I am gonna miss this boy this summer.

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